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Application of the Metal Stitching Method

All sectors of industry are served by the method of repairing castings:

  • Marine
  • Metal
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil Refining / Petro – Chemicals
  • Power
  • Automotive
  • Railways
  • Pressing and Forging
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Mineral Processing / Cement
  • Offshore
  • Process Industry
  • and all other industrial ranges, where casts exist in both machinery and equipment

Thanks to the METAL STITCHING method in Marine Industry, lots of expenses have been saved for ship owners by reducing time lost due to breakdowns.
In many of Heavy Industries, where machines and equipment are required to work without any delay, applying of METAL STITCHING method helps in avoiding huge loss of time and cost.
Repairs are usually completed on-site, avoiding dismounting of the damaged equipment from its working position.